The characters in the background of our video games have come a long way since their work as two dimensional blobs, cheering you up the ranks of "Mike Tyson's Punch Out." But even the living, breathing citizens of Grand Theft Auto's Liberty City rarely give you an indication of what they're thinking. We asked you to show us the inner lives of the video game world's extras. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by huffman

Does everything look green to you guys?

Entry by gatorboymike

LINES-031 A-TYPE TOP 010000 SCORE 010893 STATISTICS 1015 NEXT 018 Goodbye, cruel world! 012 LEVEL 013 000 h CRACKEDCO

Entry by JauneFlammee

Never washed your hands after you buried Mary, did you. Goddamn 19th century. You haue dusenteru CRACKED.COM

Entry by thelemabot


Entry by sonicdivine

...and I said to Mikhail, We should really invest in some rocket launchers instead of dance lessons. But. nooo... CRACKED COM

Entry by mightyzamfir

00 WINS 92 01 WINS DIU KANG SUB-ZCO What just happened?! I can't see 3 fucking thing! CRACKED COM!

Entry by Kanklefest

8 0 What the.. illegal serve! Are you blind, ump!? Ok, never mind...gotta stay focused. Can't let him get inside your head, man. You got this, bro...

Entry by DarrenJames

What Video Game Background Characters Are Thinking

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