Mother's Day is upon us again, that annual pain in the ass of ungrateful little punks who don't know how much their mother went through for them. We asked you to show us what the cards might look like if all the flowery synonyms for gratitude were replaced by blunt honesty. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by wrenchir

CRACKED COME two 9et don't then If you. do birthdaue neither

Entry by Spencie

CRACKED. COM Mom love you three dollars and a trip to the gas station' S wor th. 0 123456-789012

Entry by Mich13

CRACKED Happy* Mothers Day * (By the way, B made a * huge mess making this card. Brooms in the ** kitchen* Chop, Chopl

Entry by Tim Babb

CRACKED.COM MOM can't believe you put your BOOBS in my MOUTH!!!

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