Did you know Napoleon's height was exactly average for his time? His enemies made up the short thing to make him look silly, and it stuck because he looked sort of small in a couple of paintings. Guy nearly conquered the modern world, and yet when we hear his name today, our first thought is "short guy who's got a short fuse about being such a shorty pants."

This made us wonder how the images we leave behind will be misremembered. We asked you to show us and the winner of the $50 prize is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by AzISeeIt

CRACKED. com Between ever-accelerating species extinctions, and increasingly effective animal-rights groups banning all forms of animal captivity. tab

Entry by Teh_Bucket

CRACKED.COM surgery was Knee-Joint removal 20th century among common shown here. celebrities, as

Entry by David Giroux

23 Modern Images as Misunderstood by Future Archeologists

Entry by brendiggg

CRACKED. .com TRIAL By GLOVE Prior to the development of evidence-based judicial inquiry, historians believe glove of a justice was the preferred me

Entry by Angrygeek

Early Chinese tanks were SO poorly made even Aa collision with a single human being could U0 disaster, curtailing thei military activities for some t

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