Instruction manuals are written by the people who know everything about the gadget being explained. But as anyone who has had to explain technology to the clueless knows, there's a giant demographic they miss. We asked you to create some simple charts that might make painstaking trouble shooting sessions less necessary. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by grunthos

Where your malware came from- -probability chart That dwarf porn site you keep visiting The official Ben 10 screensaver you downloaded for your kid T

Entry by numbsain

TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE: writing an email pg. 3467 PROBLEM: I Cant send emoil a 1. what do you see in front of you? a.a emal with no worls X a go to 2.

Entry by Games4me


Entry by brendiggg

facebook doc John Smith Chickswith dicks Live -Comment houm 1. o0 Dad Learns Kevin Winterbottom les this about Mark Smnith OMG DAD!!!!E 6 hous 30o -Li

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