23 Painfully Honest Valentine's Day Cards


People play Valentine's Day pretty safe. Kids send the same cards featuring famous cartoon characters. Adults use Hallmark to write blandly complimentary things to each other. We asked you to show us what it would look like if people used valentines to express the awkward, vulnerable truth. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by CapnPixter

Happy Valentines Day! chocolate I bought you told becanse Wikipedia me its apnrodisiacs an tonight Please put out CRACKEDCID

Entry by Jungling

After ten years I'm happy to say, I still want you every day. Please wear your glasses when we play, So can pretend you're Tina Fey. CRACKED .COM

Entry by roguematt

LOVE COUPON Hey Sweetie! GOOD FOR ONE FREE: I'm too lazy and/o or GET OUT oF SEX NIGHT cheap Bearer is entitled to night free of having to to go out a

There are FOUR contests for you to choose from, the three standard photoplasties, and a fourth that requires a little writing. Click on the prompt that catches your fancy, and post your entry in the thread, or submit to all four and quadruple your chances of becoming rich and famous. Winner gets 5,000 pennies.

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