Advertising is one of the few industries where creativity seems follow the money. Super Bowl ads are the most expensive, and usually the most entertaining of the year. We asked you to show us what the ad would look like if criminals could throw money at ad firms instead of laundering it. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by McBeefy

You CRACKED.cOM carried her for nine months. Now it's time for her to her earn keep. CHILD LABO R Because our clothes aren't going to make themselves.

Entry by McBeefy

Why try to protect yourself from mayhem when you can just avoid it all together with a little RITVALisTiR WUMAN SArRiicE Save money. APPEASE YOUR GODS

Entry by roguematt

CRACKED. HOI Holdin' it sideways tells'em you mean bidness. PoPpA Capp Helping you keep your streets clean

Entry by micusficus

REVENGE Maybe it's time you thought about TM (swift-violent-retribution) There's no time like the present. CRACKED.cOM

Entry by jimdegritz

CRACKED.cOM great authors great creativity areat OPIUM All that we see or seem is but a dream within opium -Edgar Allen Poe

Entry by j21

Damn kids won't stay off the lawn? OPTIONS! YOU RIAVE Get your message across with a BANB? Norincor landmines: for the home and office CRACKED HOM

Entry by Leonhart42

CRACKED.cOM Travel the world. But be cool about it. DRUG MULE Do you have it in vou?

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