22 Internet Memes That Will Baffle Future Historians


As we've pointed out before, we're going to leave a lot of confused historians in our wake. We asked you to show us what sorts of bafflement will greet scholars of the future if they bother trying to understand the Internet. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by j21

IPAD alausie 750 ENCYCLOPEDIA ELECTRONICA Orly the Snowy Owl Orly is the name of a snowy owl (bubo scandiacus) commonly depicted in so- called Intern

Entry by drnick

fist BBIC www.bbchistorymagazine.ccWRNW5 orY HRACKED COI magazine E3.80 Explained: Why we hate cats Janury 2413 Lemon Paties Historians speculate on t

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