Whether politics or apocalypse, 2012 is like the Miami Heat of new years. It began announcing itself well before it was appropriate, telling us that it would be the most important twelve months since we started tagging them with numbers. We asked you to show us all the different flavors of disappointment we'll be experiencing in our pre-ordained last year on earth. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

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Entry by Reo

MEDAL COUNT S B TOTAL Canada 27 26 27 80 China 46 14 19 79 United States 25 26 27 78 Russia 10 14 18 42 Australia 11 12 12 35 Great Britain 16 9 8 33

Entry by j21

The New Hork Times Late Editioa Al the News That's Fit fo Print YORK. TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 2012 Cause of Global Warming: Blowjobs New NYU study conclus


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