Who hasn't been horribly scarred by at least one thing they've seen on the web? Pretty much all of us have come across a site that's made us wish someone had just warned us about it before it had a chance to destroy part of our soul.

We asked you to photoshop some website warning labels and offered $50 to the winner. The winner is below but first, the runners-up:

Entry by dbr

CRAKED.H amazon.com Chicken Soup for the Bowl by Jack Hansen (Author), Victor Canefield(Author) (55 customer reviews) Most Recent Customer Reviews REV

Entry by jaufwa

Yet Avothe Paas Wetingy Fonrry Sk SAL. Morila Firefox Fe ist Yiee Htory Dooknarls Tools Helo arcetherhockste.tonl wn D u IMAVE wiue! I UAI AUI OLNI U

Entry by Darren_Darby

It's our 10th ba CRACKED: COM Y ten SO y Sponsored atoes CAUTION by ALL ENTRIES FANBOY OVER-REACNON Monday, July 28, 2 ZONE X-Files: I Want to Believe

Entry by Inyarear

myspace.com User Shortcuts: a place for friends. Home Mail Profile Friends Music MySpaceTV More Lindsay, At The Disco. TM I promise, when we're old w

Entry by Loorep

The Bobs Mozilla Firefox Fle Edt View Hgtory Boolmks Tools Helb D llwwew. bobs .com/ Getting Started Latest Hendineg Search PD NEWS THE BOBS OBOUT ONL

Entry by McBeefy

http://www.lemonparty.orgl STOP Attention lemon enthusiasts: This site has nothing to do with lemons or parties of ANY KIND. To 90 to a happy fun lemo

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