If Websites Came With Warning Labels

Pretty much all of us have come across at least one site that's made us wish someone had just warned us about it before it had a chance to destroy a part of our soul.
If Websites Came With Warning Labels

Who hasn't been horribly scarred by at least one thing they've seen on the web? Pretty much all of us have come across a site that's made us wish someone had just warned us about it before it had a chance to destroy part of our soul.

We asked you to photoshop some website warning labels and offered $50 to the winner. The winner is below but first, the runners-up:

CRACKED COM The Pirate Bay Search Torrents 1 Browse Torrents 1 Recent Torrents 1 TV shows Music ITop 100 Preferences Languages other (search only) SY
CRAKED.H amazon.com Chicken Soup for the Bowl by Jack Hansen (Author), Victor Canefield(Author) (55 customer reviews) Most Recent Customer Reviews REV
Yet Avothe Paas Wetingy Fonrry Sk SAL. Morila Firefox Fe ist Yiee Htory Dooknarls Tools Helo arcetherhockste.tonl wn D u IMAVE wiue! I UAI AUI OLNI U
Search Find Images Quicksearch facebook Email: Password: facebook Rernem DISCLAIMERI X Login NOT REAL SOCIAL LIFEI Forgot Pas OK to... Keep up with fr
http://digg.com/ m Burning Sand Amazon Wiki The Pirate Bay Demonoid TUAW Crave Uncrate Digg digg Join Digg About Login Technology World & Business Sci
It's our 10th ba CRACKED: COM Y ten SO y Sponsored atoes CAUTION by ALL ENTRIES FANBOY OVER-REACNON Monday, July 28, 2 ZONE X-Files: I Want to Believe
W http://www.wpi.edu/ CRACKED COM WPIwiki:About - WPIwiki Alienthings.com- Sho... Newegg.com - hec ZombieHarmony -O... E3 Why Was My Post D... Aimless
myspace.com MSosce? CRACKEDcOM To lae es reste Toes Lrne Home nne Fid People FOums Mutic Mct Mors . Priveey Safety Sianu MSRICE Bat Quicken VHoy Prepa
myspace.com User Shortcuts: a place for friends. Home Mail Profile Friends Music MySpaceTV More Lindsay, At The Disco. TM I promise, when we're old w
Bookmarks Iols Heip etpu/meatipin.com Warringl MeatSpincem Ye pin righ x T you ar snder the age ot 18, OR Eind this offensive... .THENLEAVE Warning! X
Mt//uma911hethetythcom/ CRACKED.CO Latest Hadies Visibility Posters DVDs Over 9-11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB 55 9/11 9/11 OUR NATION IS IN PERIL TRUTH ww.911s
You Tube oLite E wtes Casnie Cemtunity Wts ek a WA beieg Promnoted Vdeos be CANE Warning Featured videos 4 There is no porn on this sitiel So stop loo
X Site Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks Tools Help http://www.americanidol.com/ Search Find Images Quicksearch  Sign-up For The Official American Idol New! 8
Registration C Ohttp://adultfriendfinder.com/p/register.cgi AdultFriendFinder.com World's Largest Adult Sd Home 1 JOIN NOWI Member Login I Browse I Ch
The Bobs Mozilla Firefox Fle Edt View Hgtory Boolmks Tools Helb D llwwew. bobs .com/ Getting Started Latest Hendineg Search PD NEWS THE BOBS OBOUT ONL
pens on the internet!- -Minefield CRACKED.cOM S Tools Help http://www.penisland.net/ Shopping Getting Started iLatest Headlines Google Talk Gadget MC
SL All Friends Status Updates Recently Updated Everyone More... edit You have 818 friends. 1 23 Warning: Facebook You are choosing to view your ex-gir
http://www.lemonparty.orgl STOP Attention lemon enthusiasts: This site has nothing to do with lemons or parties of ANY KIND. To 90 to a happy fun lemo
Google TL german sausages| Advanced Search Preferences Google Search I'm Feeling Lucky Langusge Tools WARNING PHRASING AMBIGUOUS USE BUTTON AT OWN DIS
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