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Even villainous villains and monstrous monsters need love. But hatching evil plans is time-consuming, so it only follows that they'd need to turn to dating apps to find that someone special. So we asked our plasticians to show us some online dating profiles for notorious villains and monsters. Then we evaluated the profiles to figure out which ones we'd swipe right on.

Oh, and we gave cash to our favorite, which is below. Runners-up, first.

Entry by NinjaBill

0 Sordc 1127 AM 100 X Search Profile Titan of Love 22 .About Me: A sensitive soul, just looking for love. Favorite Hobby: Gardening Turn Ons: Green Sk

Entry by Michael Riel

Cruella de Vil I am a fashion guru and business owner looking for some puppy love. I am quite the catch, just ask the men who have written songs about

Entry by djHanDon

CRACKEDGON X W Goouys Hi, I am a good guy, let's play! Charles Lee Ray Age: 21. Kids love me.

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