15 Movie Stars' Career Highs And Lows

15 Movie Stars' Career Highs And Lows

According to Urban Dictionary, the origin for the phrase ‘same same but different’ is in Thailand, so no wonder Di Caprio's performance in 'The Beach' is on this list (as his worst one, obviously. Yet). The phrase basically means that you you get the same product but you pay less so it's a bit different. In the cases below we're pretty sure the studios actually paid more for the exact same product that they (and the audience) loved but the result, how should be put it, was a bit different. 

I t appears that just like regular people, actors have highs and lows in their careers and are sometimes depended on the team that surround them. The difference from regular people is, their peaks and valleys are very public. So that means for every Oscar-winning performance, there's always a cinematic turd that same actor hopes you won't remember. But we remember. And now, so will you. 

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