Reasons This Entertainment Won’t Age Well

Be prepared to answer the question ‘what were we thinking?’ A lot.
Reasons This Entertainment Won’t Age Well

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2018 is almost over, and it's been a year with an insane amount of entertainment choices. And let's be honest -- they haven't all been winners. We've been bombarded with shows, songs, movies, and other pop culture launched this year that will not age well. In fact, we're pretty sure this stuff will have people cringing even before the ball lands on New Year's Day.

HOUSE of CARDS 1. Kevin Spacey's legacy is ruined. decided 2. The producers it despite cancel not to what happened. 3. Real life politicians will soon
3 Reasons Insatiable Won't Age Well 1 Makes weight loss look fast and easy (and leaving no trace of the weight) 2 Implies that losing weight solves li
HALLOWEE N 1. True crime podcasts are going to look as quaintand silly in the future as Westerns do now. 2. The Nelsons' callousness about Laurie's PT
NETFLIX DISENCHANTMENT 2. Less 1. More funny pathetic Bender. Fry. 3. Even the way they handle relationships proves it's just fantasy Futurama.
3 Reasons Sierra Burgess Is a Loser Won't Age Well 1. Stereotypes about smart, overweight people. 2. Stereotypes about dumb, gorgeous people. 3. Stere
CRAGKEDCON Our CARTOON PRES DENT 1 Has a topic that can only be relevant today 2 The animation will seem too basic 3 Has no real depth and will soon b
CRACKED CON IGBANGTHEORY the won't age well because: Toxic masculinity and sexism are 1 portrayed as adorable and harmless just because the characters
Valve's card game Artifact doesn't stand much of a chance in 2019. O066 1. It's a lot more convoluted and harder to get into than other card games. 2.
VENOM CRAGKEDaoT won't age well because... 1. It shows a journalist becoming evil during a time in which too many journalists are irrationally hated.
THE KISSING TH won't hold up in the future: 1. The flm is overtly sexist in an er-changing time for women 2. Its script is that of a cliched 'girl mee
THE LAST SHARKNADO IT'S ABOUT TIME 1 Z 3 Sharknado came All the references Syfy started all out in 2013 and are from 30+ this to send up the series pe
DATREDE SEASON 3 1. The only lead actor of color being the only main cast member to die is played out. 2. The narrative sympathy fora deranged stalker
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