Games That Crushed Your Expectations (And Not In A Good Way)

TFW you think you’re Han Solo, but it turns out you’re Gordon Gekko.
Games That Crushed Your Expectations (And Not In A Good Way)

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Even with the entire internet available with previews, reviews, and spoilers for literally every game, we still manage to get surprised when we sit down to actually play. Since we hate surprises, we asked our readers to show us what they thought they were getting, side by side with what they actually got, from a game (or app) they bought or downloaded.

The winner is below, but first, the runners-up:

I expected an exploration of STARWARS. the duality of FRCE force cusers THE through AUNLEASHED interactive storytelling! Instead I got STAR WARS PRESS
What I expected: rroblade enoblade chronicles What I got: Xidleqyest idequest hronicles
CRACKED When I bought FIVE NIGHTS at FREDDY'S from the horror section, I expected something nightmares are made of. But I found myself in the dreams o
PoKeMoy BOLosseuM Finally, the world of Pokemon2 in 3D3 for a full-length adventure4 1Towns only 2Exactly 51 pre-selected Pokemon to choose from 3Dull
What I expected: MICHAEL JACKSON THE E PERIENCE I will learn to dance like Michael! What I got: MICHAEL JACKSON THE PAINFUL E PERIENCE
Bloodborne What I expected: DIED YOU DIED YOU DIED YOU DIED YOU DIED YOU DIED YOU DIED Yo DIED YOU An extremely frustrating experience that would make
NO MAN'S SKY Atfon, EXPECT Epic, majestic space exploration adventure REAIITY Release Gamepllay 2016 CRACKEDOON O - Bo barren space grind with the odd
CRACKEDoO CONI Hary Potter HOGWARTS MYSTERY promises exciting adventures in the Wizarding World LEARN LUMOS. WAVE WAND 2/3 21/281 t 120 + XP 1 + and d
What I expected: SUPER MARIO MAKER. What I got: 00 000001 000 uzE 666DO 7 cronte SUPER MAKER. W CRACKEDOON
What I expected: CRACKEIDGON OVERWATCHL A competitive first person shooter What I got: online
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