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So many products and businesses in this world miss the mark by just inches. All they'd need to do is change just a couple of things, and they'd be perfect. So we put together these guides, to show companies the three simple changes they need to make to win us back as customers.

Entry by Karen Jones

Enlia Michat aD SENENAM 1. Get rid of the 'bots. Fatu Eml Basco CAMEL Samm fe -Davies Cong CAMELSSOrON 2. Add a F*CK YOU!D indicator. Jan 24 Will soo

Entry by jaykay

O0O 1. Hire a full staff. 2. Train them to not look miserable all the time. 11 10 3: Use them to open Low more than one checkout lane at a time. Walma

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