Recycling characters is a time-honored tradition in pop culture. And while there are plenty of obvious examples -- Batman and Zorro, Thanos and Darkseid -- there are a whole bunch of other characters out there that are suspiciously similar to each other.

For example ...

Entry by PollyDarton

CRACKED.COM mmortan Joe yearth Vader Deep voice From the desert Covered in scars Requires breathing apparatus Operates bad-ass vehicle Leads an army o

Entry by Joyce Rogers

ANGEL BILL #uf. TRUEBLOOD fe fe  a  p i g e sl a y e g Tall, dark, handsome vampire Well over 100 years old Deep, storied past Star-crossed lover & p

Entry by NeedToRead

KILGRAVE THE DOCTOT Jones Who Jessica VILLAIN HED Doctor .High-level intellect .Skilled manipulator .Uses bystanders and friends to achieve goals .Reg

Entry by AsherNitin

GRACKEDCO COM Dr. House & Dr. Thackery in House M.D. in The Knick are both brilliant but arrogant heads of their departments with a crippling narcotic

Entry by naughtius

CRACKED COM Slightly depressed Not too expressive Seems nice though It's Bill Murray!

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