19 Charts That Perfectly Explain Hollywood Logic

19 Charts That Perfectly Explain Hollywood Logic

Who doesn't love a good chart? The answer is no one. Well, except maybe the fat cats in Hollywood won't like these ones, since these charts pretty much do an accurate job spelling out just how dumb some things are that made it to the big (and small) screen.

For example ...

Entry by allanime01

Throw punches and energy blasts Did you win? Yes No Wait no he just TRANSFORM! transformed. NEXT TIME ON DRAYBIY

Entry by allanime01

CRIMINAL FATE OF AN UNSUB IN MINDS 8% 5% Arrested 9% Death by BAU Team Member 54% Suicide 24% Death by Local Police/ BAU Officers Other (escape, accid

Entry by HamHurt

CRACKED.COM Keystrokes required to hack into encrypted mainframes  D 16 4 Swordfish AntiTrust Hackers War Games

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