Is food porn considered NSFW? Because some of these concoctions are leaving us trying to figure out if we're incredibly hungry or incredibly aroused.

(Shout out to PJ7 for the contest suggestion. Also, screw PJ7 for the 20 lbs. we gained choosing a winner.)

Entry by okojemiako

Go Swedish and add banana slices to your ham pizza. GRAGKEDOON

Entry by mkad

Microwave popcorn's great, but it doesn't gau have much flavor. Recife Onion Mex 6 Dio Aecie Soup COM Sprinkle some powdered soup mix into the bag RAC

Entry by Vincent Pall

CRACKED.COM Try our new Triple Bypass Nachos A true eart-stopper that features tortilla chips smothered by three tasty toppings: Velveeta cheese, chil

Entry by Danzy

bampbells WOLF tostfiros BRAND CONDINSED CHILI ORIGINAL Beef with & Barley NO BEANS Vegetables bstra w am SOME COMBINATIONS WERE JUST MEANT TO BE. It'

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