It seems like every other day someone famous is going viral for the stupid shit they say on social media. It happens so often we expect it and we're really kind of becoming desensitized to it.

We really need someone to come out and shake things up a bit. You know, really destroy the internet in 140 characters or less. Like, for example ...

Entry by Kelly Stone

Tupac_Shakur Following @TheReal2Pac I'm back fools. Needed some me time 13 9:00 9:00 AM -3july 2016 AM- GRACKED.OON

Entry by Kevin King

15 Tweets That Would Plunge The Internet Into Chaos

Entry by NighthawkXL

Gabe L. Newell Valve Follow Gabelnewell Available Now: Three Half-Life 3, Portal 3, Left 4 Dead 3 Get it on Steam! Now please stop asking us. RETWEE

Entry by Kelly Stone

Starbucks Coffee Following @Starbucks Now offering drone delivery! 13 9:00 AM -3 July 2016 CRACKED

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