17 Of The Top Year-End Headlines, B.S. Not Included

Nobody is surprised that the movie that was expected to do well in theaters did well in theaters.
17 Of The Top Year-End Headlines, B.S. Not Included

Following the news these days is like trying to sift through all the bullshit that one guy in your friend group just won't stop spouting. You know the guy. Somewhere in the story there's an iota of truth, but you'd never know because it's all caked in a bunch of horse shit.

That's why we've tasked our readers with peeling all the layers of dumb storytelling off of recent news stories to bring you nothing but the bare-boned truth. Enjoy.

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17 Of The Top Year-End Headlines, B.S. Not Included
DECBHEER ACRAGKED 16,2 HOME us CHING WORLD OPINION EusIness SCIENCE TECH TECH, TECH NEWS People With Phones More Than Five Years Old Could Be Cut off
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abc NEWS LOG IN DHS Unveils Revised Terror Alert System That Promises to Scare and Confuse Everyone By SAM WHITE. Dec 16 2015 12:14 PM ET f Share wth
CNI politics 2016 Washington Nation World Our Team Search CNN p Putin praises 'bright and talented' Trump By Jeremy Dlamond and Greg Botelho, CNN Upda
PBS NEWSHOUR TOPICS NATION SUPREME COURT Supreme Court hears, then forgets Ann Veal's affirmative action case December 9. 2015 at 640 PMEST t 60 MORE
17 Of The Top Year-End Headlines, B.S. Not Included
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Entertainment & Arts CRACKEDOON Movie expected to do well at the bOX office does well at the box office 5hours ago Entertainment & Arts IP m Routors E
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