Keeping up with the news these days is like keeping up with the latest drug craze: It's dumb, dangerous, and not at all worth it.

So with that in mind, we tasked our readers with not only catching us up to speed on this week's most popular headlines, but also showing us what those fat cats in the big news media probably aren't showing us. The winning submission is below, but firs the runners-up ...

Entry by woweewow

CRACKEDOOT Celebs prep to pat each other on the back, practice gracious smiles ALS In Case Yor Joh Amneriem Farers le' Chic GRca MSoret and Angela Fss

Entry by Danzy

Leaders Move to Convert Paris Climate Pledges Into Action Sh SEWYLICH and MLISSAEDDY 085 PLEDGES: CRACKEDOOM

Entry by bazooka

TE CRACKEDOON News Search What Google Sees In Augmented Reality

Entry by mrlarry

Nintendo invents a gamepad your kids will break instantly A recent patent application envisions a game controller where a touchscreen is the main inte

Entry by Calvin Riedy

CNN STYLE FASHION DESIGN ARCHITECTURE ARTS AUTOS LUNURY Banksy creates mural that shows even Syrian refugees have dreams of becoming corporate overlor

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