18 Emojis We'd Actually Use

Emojis have come a long way from the days of using punctuation to make different kinds of faces or body parts. And despite taking an annoyingly long time to get one of a taco, we have a good array of colorful smilies and animals and sarcastic girls.

And yet, it's still not enough. Because for all the doughnuts and pizza slices we have, there are still emotional voids yet to be filled by emojis. Which is why we asked our readers to use the power of image wizardry to come up with some emojis we'd like to see on our phones soon. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Dwayne Hoover

AT&T 3G 7:26 PM Messages Brittany Edit Want to go see a movie with me and Alex? No thanks. Why not? It'll be fun! CRACKED CON

Entry by Kaylow

...00 Sprint 3G 1:55 PM 89% Messages Pierre Contact Guess who stood me up for our first date?! Well then, guess who can go suck a iMessage Send CRAGKE

Entry by KerryDay

m_ Telus 3G 6:25 PM Messages Girlfriend Edit Hello?!?!?!?!?! Are you there? Is everything OK????? Hey OMG I've been trying to reach you all day! Why d

Entry by KerryDay

18 Emojis We'd Actually Use

Entry by Mozartella

18 Emojis We'd Actually Use

Entry by Sonny Time

AT&T 3G 2:18 PM Messages Steve Edit Birthday party in conference room. Cake and ice cream. All are welcome. You can't be talking to me because I'm cr

Entry by GordonHaid

Sorry l was an asshole yesterday. EOR AM 10-56 0 OdANZ Bovfriend Messagpes Send CRACKEDCON

Entry by elendirl

...00 AT&T 4G 9:31 PM 68 % Messages John Contact Today 8:32 AM So, you've seen Jurassic World?? H Text Message Send

Entry by Kevin King

Waiting in line for hours to buy a new TV on Black Friday! CRACKEDCON

Entry by Vicki Veritas

18 Emojis We'd Actually Use

Entry by Opus52

Messages Bosshole Edit Where are you? You are an hour late? Sorry, brah... overslept, still drunk. Not making it in... I am writing you up! O FUCKS GI

Entry by KerryDay

ml.. Bell 3G 9:07 AM Messages Mom Edit You know how you always complained about being an only child??? uh.... yeah? Your Dad and I are having a baby!!

Entry by Sonny Time

AT&T 3G 12:02 PM Messages Larry Edit I can use your help on the project. Can you come to my office? Not now. Lunchtime. Send CRACKEDCON

Entry by Mozartella

..000 Sprint 2:56 AM Messages Kate Contact Text Message Today 2:55 AM Omg I'm having like the worst bday ever!! I got an Iphone 5 not the 6 and my par

Entry by pinwa

Verizon 11:22 PM 74% Messages Booty Call Contact Today 8:32 AM sup girl? nuthin, u? wanna meet up? sure, watchu got in mind, food, mall? NETFLIX & CHI

Entry by AzISeeIt


Entry by Kevin King

18 Emojis We'd Actually Use

Entry by ETangonan

T-Mobile m- 3G 02:54 AM Messages Kevin Edit You're such an