Let's not beat around the bush: Google is so powerful, it's kind of scary. Unless you live in a cave and burn your own feces to stay warm, chances are you rely on Google more than you probably even realize.

So what happens when this search engine becomes sentient? We posed that question to our readers and gave money to the best entry. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by KerryDay

X G How do I get to Carnegie... x iww.googlecom/search?q:Howwdorlget+to+CamnegittHall North Rernen Sign in X 21 River 9A Your location MANHATTAN 11 hu

Entry by AzISeeIt

Goople Mogt wsitel Getting Sann Sogesned Snes Web Sice Gallery Google australian vacations Sion in Web Imaons Norws Vdnos Mans More Searrh ocls Spider

Entry by bazooka

CRACKED.COM World: North America United States Nevada Las Vegas Accuweather.com for Las Vegas, NV FEATURED United States Las Vegas, NV WEATHER LOCAL W

Entry by AzISeeIt

NETFLIX Movies. TV Shows Actors. Directors, Genres Search Watch Browse DVDs Queue Auto Search Instantly Your Genres New Arrivals Starz Play Instantly

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