We've seen our share of screen caps of vaguely offensive Google search suggestions. But what if Google decided they just straight up didn't give a fuck, and altered their algorithm accordingly?

We asked you to show us using image manipulation. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by Jay.Dee.Gee

CRACKED. COM Why can't I stop coughing? searcn About 524.000 resuts (0.14 seconds) Advanced search AIDS AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is

Entry by MurphysLaw

Web Images Videos Maps News Shopping Mail more Google free stock photos Search About 74,300,000 resuits (0.30 seconds) Advanced search Everything Rela

Entry by forbes

Google CRACKEDCOID snooki naked| X Search SafeSearch Press Enter to search. Ever, Error X idia American reality television Imag Fatal Browser Error!!

Entry by mhensch

If Google Search Results Had a Sense of Humor

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