If History Got a Gritty Reboot


Washington probably couldn't charm bullets, Ben Franklin probably never tamed lightning, and most historians agree that Lincoln didn't invent those wooden Legos. But nobody can deny that our history books are more entertaining thanks to the presumably crazy people who first made those stories up.

We challenged our readers to take history's superheroes back to their gritty basics using the magic of image-manipulation. The winners are below, but first the runners up...

Entry by DayDreamer

CHURCHILL The Nazis are going to need more planes. CRACKED.cOM

Entry by Fredsamuel

If History Got a Gritty Reboot

We've all seen billboards, ads and signs trying to deter us from doing meth or engaging in premarital sex or whatever other behavior society doesn't approve of. Using the magic of image manipulation, show us the most counter-productive and ill-conceived public service announcement possible.

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