If Magazines Were Forced to be Honest


As magazines wither from existence, they've been trying a bunch of crazy shit to stay relevant. Last year there was word that a few were going to try inserting video ads. Because if there's one thing consumers enjoy about the internet, it's the ads.

One crazy idea they'll probably never try is actually telling the truth, so we figured we'd ask you to show us what that might look like. The winner is below, but first the runners up.

Entry by Chveya

CRACKED.COM Maybe She's Born With It Maybe It's Photoshop Sau nur kin ime Inssand inkes Auey WNE an SPF 15 srhither LE iteas with funda an hathas huth

History is boring. Using the magic of image manipulation, it's your job to give those guys in the history books the kind of gritty image makeover that comic book characters are always getting from Hollywood. The best entry gets $50.

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