Here we are, deep into the information age and our communications are sloppy as ever. Even our "sweet nothings" and "nasty talk" are being expedited via the wonders of text messaging. And, well, like anything else associated with our smart devices, disaster is inevitable.

With that in mind, we asked you to conjure some of the worst texts that could result from this type of the behavior. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by DoctorWhat

The 17 Most Disastrous 'Sexts' Possible

Entry by John Mulroy

AT&T 3G 11:36 AM Messages Lou B. Edit I want u 2 come over, rip my dress off and make my toes curl, babe! X I'll have you seeing stars, Monica! Monica

Entry by TheBuzzard

MFGUEST 9:16 PM Messages nerfherder Edit Chewie, that you? Still not interested, bro O ITS LEIA ASSHOLE Send

Entry by veryfinehat

mI_ Sprint 3G 1:33 AM Messages lonelygrl_92 Edit mmm, sounds hot. : ;) So tell me what you look like. your profile pic's kinda blurry. Well, people sa

Entry by mattographer

CRACKED COM asll Verizon 3G 9:34 AM Messages Sloth Edit SLOTH LOVE CHUNK! Send

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