Recruitment Posters for the Worst Jobs Ever


They generally don't advertise the good jobs on bulletin boards and subway posters. If you want a high paying job in the fast lane, you have to know how to network, go to the right school, and totally nail those IQ tests from online ads (probably, we've never gotten a job through anything other than forced entry before).

We asked you to show us some postings for jobs that you'd really want to avoid. The winners are below, but first, the runners up ...

Entry by Amien

The Imperial Army is now hiring Independant Contractors Aluminum Siders Plumbers Roofers See the Galaxy! Competitive Wages Excellent Hours Piett Conta

Whether they're superheroes, supervillains or anything in between, all of them were kids once upon a time. Show us their candid pics, family photos, yearbook photos, etc via the magic of image manipulation. The best entry gets $50.

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