One has to be delicate when writing a children's book. One wrong word or phrase can take the entire moral you're trying to put across. Which is why it's probably good these pages probably got left on the cutting room floor.

Our readers go back and show us the horrific and twisted consequences of what could have been in our childhood stories. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by veryfinehat

And so, the Rainbow Fish gave one shimmering scale to each of his friends. Now all of the fish were shiny and bright and beautiful. Unfortunately, thi

Entry by fairfax

CRACKEDG CON The toy clown jumped aboard and all the dolls and the toy animals began to smile and cheer. Let's not start sucking each other's dicks j

Entry by BRWombat

Goodnight stars Goodnight lamp Goodnight sheets CRACKED ALl yellow and damp

Entry by NinjaBill

CRACKEDCONF CANH On Christ night. the Grinch returned home. where he fell to the ground and died all alone. For his heart was enlarged-- two sizes at

Entry by mattscrack

All my friends are dead. And you' re next. CRACKEDCON

Entry by HamHurt


Entry by straightface

ROCKS ROCkS 7 2 Pete will play ball with the other girls and boys, but in order for Pete to compete, Pete needs the 'roids. CRACKEDCON

Entry by RB2

CRACKEDCO Goodnight Mr Peeper Goodnight Grim Reaper

Entry by WRWeir

CRAGKEDO Would you eat them out of a commode? Would you eat them a la mode?

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