Perhaps one of the greatest superpowers on earth belongs to the advertising world. After all, bullshitting billions of people to trade money for utter crap is something we all wish could do.

We asked our readers to think up the worst products ever and then make awesome ads for them. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Agent Spiff

CRACKEDCON Give your child a head start on a rewarding career today! A NPRO 86-36 KIDFORCE CHILD LABOR SERVICES

Entry by shylock

Bored? Dejected? Has life lost its zest? Try stepping on a LEGO Feel ALIVE again! GRACKEDCOMT

Entry by McBeefy

CRACKED CO BLACK? BROWN? INDIAN? ASIAN? When you need a ride... ...try and be CAUCASIAN. ARA TAXI RACISM. Helping white guys get to work Oh time.

Entry by roguematt

CRACKED COM Live the rest of life your without paying another cable phone bill or From here to eternity you've clipped your last coupon Enjoy the of m

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