We've all walked away from a situation wishing we didn't make it awkward by saying that thing that made everyone uncomfortable and weary of us.

Point is, surely movie characters have been in the same situation. Our readers went back and retconned our favorite movies to include what characters wish they could've said. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by OkMeatFood

How do you like them apples?! D Spwr s-144 You do know that real phone numbers don't start with 555, right? CRACKED.COM

Entry by dookiekong

You owe me $673,065 Republic Credits in back child support payments... and a new hand...DAD. CRACKEDcO COM

Entry by Matt Lovell

CRACKEDc COM Nah! I'm just messin' with ya. l don't even own the place.

Entry by Tim Babb

what was I supposed to do? Just let them die? what?! God. no! That would be a terrible thing for me to imply. Can you imagine? A father of a superpowe

Entry by rantong

Okay, well, don't want to be THAT guy, but... Technically, if it can't be refused, it's not really an offer, but an imposition. CRACKEDCOMT

Entry by Stonicus

I refuse to answer any questions without my attorney present.

Entry by elendirl

GRACKED.OON I thought those were metaphors! 111111111t 11111111 D3 AW MA7 KADIOIA 1ILVISION

Entry by SallyForth

Wait... Count to twenty. L FOUND THE CROSS OF CORONADO. And some men with guns are coming to take it from me. Well, that's different. Hold on, I'll ta

Entry by Steven Widow

Hey Tink! Can you stop acting like such a bitch?

Entry by Paka


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