History is littered with idiotic decisions that make us ask, "What they were thinking?" Obviously the men who crapped the bed of history didn't prepare a PowerPoint presentation before following their retarded chain of logic off a cliff.

We asked you to show us what it would have looked like if they had. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by bunker6

THE DONNER CRACKED.COM PARTY MA Suttet's Fort F Bvid ges tor taramnie Greot Sait Desert iake indegrudence, ON AUGUST 31, 1846 THE DONNER PARTY DECIDED

Entry by gatorboymike

Create Des THumang? Qo Pibe then free Will? Des Put source of 2o forbroden knowledge easity within reach? Des Allo o serpent free, unrestritted access

Entry by Battlesheep

CRACKED.cOM Lots of Outdated nuclear equipment fuel What could go wrong? Bored scientists

Entry by AgentCoop

CRACKED COM Let's Van just pretend Gary this Halen Cherone never happened

Entry by TheoSchmeeo

Scandal Solving Matrix Shit Did it happens. Is it your happen tO Whew! Hot damn! NO fault? you? NO YES YES NO Did shit YES Congratulations. Anyone Bla

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