22 Eerily Plausible Conspiracy Theories (We Just Made Up)


We've seen the Mel Gibson classic Conspiracy Theory more times than should be allowed. And in the spirit of that fine film, our readers have come up with some fake conspiracy theories that could absolutely be true, but most definitely are not. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Note to our beloved government: We love America, and if any of these are actually true please don't hold us responsible. We'll gladly sell out the conspiracy's originator.

Entry by Kanomi

http/www.geocities.comMainstreet23/sailormoonisa666.html SAILOR MOON IS A 666 SAILOR MOON is Japanese cartoon made by Shinto Priestess secretly teac

Entry by Paka

Portrait of Edgar Allen Poe's Editor, Shakespeare Seamus LaDeuche, 1841 Shakespeare's Fingerprint Ernest Hemingway's LaBeoufs Assistant (never identif

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