Tampa, FL

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November 08, 2013

About Me

I do freaky stuff for money on the internet. Why not try writing too?

I model for Kink.com and a few other big porn productions. Most of my time is spent producing my own fetish movies for my websites:


www.sweetfemdom.com (girls doing mean things to me like kicking me in the balls or pegging me with strap-ons)
www.manupbitches.com (guys and me doing gay cosplay, foot fetish, and BDSM stuff)
www.cumonyogapants.com (this one is pretty much just me groping girls in yoga pants and cumming on them)

I also help producers who are new to the industry market and sell their films on my network (NSFW) Pervout.com

I have a blog where I post stuff I write sometimes. It's mostly previews and pics of my movies though (NSFW) lancehartfetish.com

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