Kevin Ducharme

I am overwhelmed by my conditions and am in serious trouble of living on the streets. https://www.gofundme.com/25962524?d=209071740. is my link. I moved this to the top out of necessity, NOT because I want to appear to be a beggar, but because I am in such a dire situation.Please continue reading though so that you will understand why I needed to do this. Thank you for visiting my Profile regardless!

SO many people said such nice things that I really still smile now, years later after my Alzheimer's article was first posted. Seriously, just thank you all for being so supporting and caring. I can't even explain just how much that means to me. Plus, I cannot thank people enough for donating to my gofundme. You all were so generous, I still can't believe the amazing support and donations towards my health that everyone provided. I really can't express just how much you all helped me, not just financially, but emotionally.

Obviously I didn't reach my goal, however that was my goal 2+ years ago.......I'm in much more financial trouble than I was back then with all the doctor visits / hospital stays and it seems like a new medication every month is added to the list. So help if you can. If not, send some prayers or positive thoughts my way if you could. I still to this day appreciate all of the kindness people have shown over the past few years. Like I said above, that meant as much as, if not more than, the money.

May whatever God you believe in bless you with happiness, health, and love.
Kevin M. du Charme

(P.S. if you are interested in my articles I've written with Ryan for Cracked, just search for my user name KevinDucharme. The three will show up. I used to have them listed here, but I guess I deleted it at some point and right now do not have the time to search for the links and edit this further)

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