After We Get Things Under Control, Can We Please Keep Drive-Ins A Thing?

Pandemic or not drive-ins rule.
After We Get Things Under Control, Can We Please Keep Drive-Ins A Thing?

A few years ago, we covered the decline of drive-in movie theaters around the United States, specifically titling that piece "6 Reasons Why Drive-In Theaters Are Never Coming Back." Sadly, we did not have the foresight in 2016 to anticipate the cabin fever of social distancing to hit so many people with the craving of dropping $14 on a movie ticket and $62.99 on a bucket of popcorn -- whatever it takes to get them out of the damn house.

Drive-ins have been pretty much the last theaters standing. In fact, a drive-in in Florida was responsible for the entire US box-office last week (They were the only theater to turn in their box office numbers.), not to mention the number of people just setting-up DIY drive-ins on their own. With the natural social distancing of being your car, it's the perfect workaround. But why should this be a temporary thing? Many of the issues we highlighted back in 2016 still plague the drive-in industry, but there are so many benefits to them that don't have anything to do with COVID-19.

A guy so tall you're pretty sure he might play center for Knicks sitting in front of you? Not an issue at the drive-in. Someone sneaking in a tuna sandwich and making the whole theater smell like Aquaman's feet? Not an issue at the drive-in. People in the seats next to you talking and texting despite years of PSA saying to knock the shit off? Not a problem at the drive-in. Kids kicking the back of your seat? Okay, if you have kids, depending on how shitty they are, that might still be in play regardless.

There are a lot of lessons to be taken from this current garbage situation, and one of those is definitely that drive-ins fucking rule.

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