12 Tantrums Thrown By Rich People For Objectively Silly Reasons

When some people tried to photograph Bill Murray, he threw their phones off the roof.
12 Tantrums Thrown By Rich People For Objectively Silly Reasons

Welcome to a world where the rich and powerful can throw a temper tantrum and get away with it. It's a world where money speaks louder than reason, and where the privileged few can act like spoiled children and expect to be coddled and appeased. From the United Airlines incident involving a pregnant woman, to the tech CEO who flipped off an Asian American family, to the Maine governor who threatened a Democratic legislator with a duel, this list of 12 Tantrums Thrown By Rich People For Objectively Silly Reasons is a testament to the power of wealth and privilege. 

We'll take a look at some of the most outrageous cases of rich people throwing a fit over the most ridiculous things. We'll explore the power dynamics at play in each situation and try to understand why these people felt like they could get away with their behavior.

So, if you're ready to take a journey into the dark side of wealth and privilege, then let's dive in.

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United Airlines: Not So Friendly Skies?

CRACKED MAKING A PREGNANT WOMAN CLEAN UP AFTER HER KIDS In 2023, Anthony Bass, a pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays, caused a stir on social media when he said that a United Airlines worker had forced his pregnant wife to clean up after his kids on a flight. Yes, that was the entire issue. BLUE 2 JAYS


Abel, you're fired. Out.

CRACKED FIRING AN EMPLOYEE FOR TAKING A PHOTO In 2013, Tim Armstrong, then the CEO of AOL, fired an employee in front of 1,000 of his co-workers. Не did it on a conference call after the employee had taken a photo, and he said Abel! You're fired. Out!


Tech CEO: Racist and Proud.

CRACKED SEEING ASIAN PEOPLE IN PUBLIC In July 2020, a tech CEO from San Francisco was caught on camera flipping off an Asian American family and yelling racist insults while they were having a birthday dinner at a restaurant.


CEO makes millions, tells employees not to feel sorry.

CRACKED BEING ASKED BY EMPLOYEES ABOUT WHETHER THEY'LL GET A BONUS Andi Owen, the CEO of a high-end office furniture company, totally lost it when some of her employees asked about staying motivated if they don't get annual bonuses. Even though she makes a $4.9 million salary, she told them to leave Pity City.


Neighbors brawl over parking spot.

CRACKED ARGUING OVER A PARKING SPOT NY State Supreme Court Justice Mark Grisanti and his wife got into a huge argument with neighbors over a parking spot outside their house. It got so bad that the police had to get involved, and both sides ended up with bruises and bitemarks.


Britt McHenry: suspended for a week.

CRACKED GETTING THEIR CAR TOWED In 2015, a video of ESPN reporter Britt McHenry went viral. She was seen insulting a parking lot attendant, saying I'm on television and you're in a f***ing trailer, honey. Why? Her car was towed while she was eating dinner.

CBS / Twitter 

LePage: "Bring it on, 1825-style."

CRACKED BEING CALLED OUT FOR RACISM In 2016, Maine Governor Paul LePage left a really angry message on a Democratic legislator's voicemail. Не called him a snot-nosed little runt and wished he could challenge him to a duel, all because the legislator apparently called him a racist.

CBS / Politico 

Shia LaBeouf: Drunk and disorderly.

CRACKED NOT BEING GIVEN A CIGARETTE (IF YOU'RE SHIA LABEOUF) Shia LaBeouf got into trouble in Georgia in 2017 when he got drunk and started acting out after he approached a cop and a random guy, asked for a cigarette, and didn't get one. Не was arrested for being drunk and disorderly in public.

NBC / Insider 

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