12 Sneaky Tricks Used By Cops To Get What They Want

12 Sneaky Tricks Used By Cops To Get What They Want

Ah, the police. They are the guardians of our society, protecting us from the dangers of the world ... allegedly. But what happens when the police go too far? What if they use sneaky tactics to get what they want? How do we know when they're trying to get us to confess to something we didn't do? Or when they're trying to trick us into paying a ticket? In this list, we explore twelve of the most sneaky tricks the cops have used to get what they want. 

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From red light cameras to undercover stings, law enforcement officers have a lot of tricks up their sleeves, some good, some not so good. From playing nursery rhymes to calm a tense situation, to sending out fake wedding invitations to catch drug dealers, these tricks are sure to make you think twice about the lengths the police will go to. So, without further ado, let us explore twelve sneaky tricks the cops have used to get what they want.

Red light runners beware: California's watching.

CRACKED GETTING PEOPLE WHO RUN RED LIGHTS TO SCREW THEMSELVES OVER In some cities in California, they catch people who run red lights by sending out notices to the owners of the vehicles caught on camera, asking for the driver's name and license number. If the driver doesn't respond, they won't get in trouble.

CBS / Dolman Law 

"Free tickets" to Iron Bowl - arrest instead.

CRACKED A GOOD OLD-FASHIONED HONEY TRAP A Sheriff's Office in Alabama came up with a clever way to catch parents who weren't paying their child support. They told them they had won free tickets to the Iron Bowl, and when they showed up to get them, they were arrested.

Deadspin / CNN 

FBI's "Invita" Trickery.

CRACKED INVITING PEOPLE TO THE U.S. UNDER FALSE PRETENSES In 2002, the FBI tricked two Russian computer criminals into coming to the US by pretending to be from a made-up network security company called Invita. They wanted to get access to the criminals' computers back in Russia.

NBC / iStock 

"Cops" pull off "sting" wedding.

CRACKED PULLING OFF A SUPER-ELABORATE FAKE WEDDING In 1990, two cops in Michigan tricked 86 drug dealers into attending a fake wedding. The wedding cake was blue, with little bumblebees to show that it was a sting operation. The band they hired was called SPOC, an acronym for COPS.

99 WFMK / Grunge 

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