12 Mysteries That People Have Tried To Explain With Aliens

12 Mysteries That People Have Tried To Explain With Aliens

Ah, the mysteries of the universe. From the Great Pyramid of Giza to the strange "Wow! Signal", humans have been trying to explain the unexplainable since the dawn of time. We've come up with some pretty wild theories, and one of the most popular is the idea that aliens are responsible for some of the world's greatest mysteries.

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For centuries, we have speculated about the possibility of aliens and their involvement in the world around us. From ancient wonders to modern mysteries, we have searched for any hint of the extraterrestrial. We have looked for evidence of alien structures, alien probes, and even alien civilizations. 

This has actually been used to explain a lot of things, from Taylor Swift's light show to ancient rock art. In this list, we'll be exploring 12 times people used aliens in a vain attempt to explain something. So, if you're looking for some wild theories, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride.

Alien probe, maybe?

CRACKED A WEIRD SPACE ROCK MOVING THROUGH THE SOLAR SYSTEM In 2018, two astronomers from Harvard suggested that Oumuamua, the strange, cigar-shaped object that flew through our solar system, could be an alien probe from outer space.

Time / NASA 

Mysterious "Wow!" signal detected.

CRACKED 2 1 4 1 THE G1 1 1 1 12 32 3 2411 1 (07) 31 3 1 2 7 1 Wow! 2 11 3 1 1 HWN- 1 1 FPW ULCOMO 1 1 4 113 2 344111 1 1/2 I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 رب 1 2 1 1 11 1 AN ODD RADIO SIGNAL In 1977, a radio telescope in Ohio picked up an incredibly strong signal that has never been caught again. Called the Wow! Signal, it's one of the most mysterious things ever observed in astronomy, and some suspect it was sent


Aliens not responsible for Stonehenge.

CRACKED STONEHENGE People don't think aliens built Stonehenge anymore, but that idea was prevalent for a long time. Scientists have proven that Erich von Däniken's idea in his book Chariots of the Gods - which is just pseudoscience - was wrong.


Aliens: the answer to everything?

CRACKED STRANGE ISLANDS IN MICRONESIA People have looked into the possibility that aliens had something to do with the strange group of islands in Micronesia called Nan Madol, because of their strong magnetic energy.

History / Wikipedia 

Searching for Aliens in Rock Art?

CRACKED ANCIENT ROCK ART The head of the SETI organization's Interstellar Message Composition suggested that ancient rock art could be a sign of aliens, and that scientists might have trouble recognizing signs of alien life because they could look like something natural.

Art Net 

Alien megastructure found?

CRACKED A DISTANT STAR BEHAVING STRANGELY The star KIC 8462852, 1,480 light-years away from us, is strange because it dims by up to 20 percent at random times, and stays dark for days. This made people think that maybe the star is surrounded by an alien structure collecting energy from it.


"Advanced civilisation" or not, Loeb's suggestion is out of this world.

CRACKED THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE Avi Loeb, a scientist from Harvard, suggested that our universe was made on purpose by a very advanced civilization using quantum tunneling to explain why it has a flat geometry and no net energy.

Dazed Digital 

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