Ah, the news. It’s always been a source of fascination for us, whether it’s the latest celebrity gossip, a political scandal, or a scientific breakthrough. But sometimes, the news can be downright mind-boggling. We’ve all heard stories that make us stop and think, "What in the world is going on here?"

In this list, we’ve compiled 13 of the craziest news stories that made our brains explode. From Steve Feltham’s 29-year search for Nessie to one dude’s miraculous survival of 47 shots, people are proving that, in some times and places, pretty much anything is possible. And while some may bemoan the fact that drugs, obesity and criminal records are to blame for recruiting woes, others are taking a stand against gun violence in schools. From Linda Yaccarino taking the helm at Twitter to a missing woman found in an Arby’s freezer, these stories will probably make you question the world around you.

So, without further ado, here are 13 news stories that made our brains explode. Enjoy.

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Activism: Drawing penises.

EAST SUSSEX RESIDENTS GOT CREATIVE WITH POTHOLE REPAIRS. People living in East Sussex, UK, got their local council to fill in potholes by drawing penises around them. Now that's what we call activism. CRACKED

Via Wales Online

Wales Online

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