12 People Who Deeply Regret Their Stints on Reality TV

These “get famous quick” schemes backfired immensely!
12 People Who Deeply Regret Their Stints on Reality TV

Imagine, if you will… You want to be famous so badly, but you don’t really want to do all that frivolous “honing your craft with years and years of hard work” bullshit. So reality TV starts looking pretty enticing. The drama, the high stakes challenges, the possibilities of a massive cash prize, or maybe even everlasting love! It can all be yours, if you’re willing to play the game. Which we know you are. You’re “in it to win it” and you’re “not here to make friends!” Just once, we’d like to see a reality show contestant claim that they’re here to make all the friends!

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If only every reality show contestant’s time on their respective shows ended with a rose. Sadly, for some, it ended with a lifetime of regret! It’s near impossible to look at that through rose-colored glasses. Could it be that a too-good-be-true path to fame and fortune was in fact too good to be true? These 13 people with stints on reality television got way more than they bargained for, and deeply regret signing their lives away.

Love is Blind: Life Ruiner.

CRACKED NICK THOMPSON LOVE IS BLIND The Season 2 contestant who married, then divorced, Danielle Ruhl said, You thrust us into this situation without any support, and everything's amplified. It literally ruins lives.


I told you I didn’t want to be involved for a reason!

CRACKED VLADISLAV IVANOV BEGGED VIEWERS TO VOTE HIM OFF PRODUCE CAMP 2021. Tea Ar Не worked on the Chinese singing competition as an interpreter, but producers asked him to compete. On the show, he said, I hope the judges won't support me. The others want an A. I want an F, as it stands for freedom. I want to go home.


Not every reality family can be the Kardashians.

CRACKED SHAYNE LAMAS LEAVE IT TO LAMAS The Bachelor star got her own show that focused on her family. She said her family started doing crazy things for cameras and were no longer acting like themselves. They painted her as a bimbo, and it made her hate the show and reality TV in general.

iHeart / Page Six 

And we thought reality TV was supposed to bring people together.

CRACKED CHARLES OMMANNEY THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DC The show caused a divide in his relationship, and he and his wife Cat divorced shortly after the series aired. Не said, I have very few regrets in my life, but that show is the one.

NY Times

Yeah, that’s not a good look, Zara.

CRACKED ZARA HOLLAND LOVE ISLAND The former Miss Great Britain lost her title after a clip of her sleeping with Bowen was aired. It was the biggest regret of my life. I'm still so embarrassed. I thought I'd never do anything like that, but it all happened so quickly.

​​The Guardian

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