13 Incredibly Petty Acts of Revenge

To get back at an online scammer, one guy texted him the entire works of Shakespeare.
13 Incredibly Petty Acts of Revenge

Ah, revenge. It's a dish best served cold, and it can be an incredibly satisfying feeling when you get back at someone who has wronged you. But it can also be a dangerous game, and it's important to remember that two wrongs don't make a right. 

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That said, there are people out there who have gone to great lengths to exact their revenge, and their stories are often quite fascinating and amusing. From the deviously inventive acts of revenge of Shigeta Miura, who sent smelly packages to his old bullies, to Troy Hurtubise, who made a suit to protect himself from grizzly bears, to George Lucas, who offered his property for an affordable housing project to spite his rich neighbors, these stories are sure to entertain and inspire. 

So, if you're looking for a little bit of inspiration for your own revenge plot, or just some entertainment, then this list of 13 Deviously Inventive Acts Of Revenge is for you. Enjoy.

Florida man strikes back.

CRACKED FLORIDA MAN STEALS TOWING COMPANY'S TOW TRUCK Aimee Onggo was arrested and accused of taking a tow truck as revenge for his car being towed by the same company. Не was also charged with grand theft auto and having 3 different controlled substances.


Garbage-filled "porch piracy" prankster strikes.

CRACKED BAITING PORCH PIRATES WITH GARBAGE One woman from Colorado Springs tricked porch pirates into taking out her garbage by filling fake Amazon packages with used kitty litter, cigarette butts, and old fast food containers.

SF Gate 

Mayo-nnaise revenge.

CRACKED RESPONDING TO REJECTION WITH MAYO A bunch of students tried to get back at the Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine by sending them 2,000 pounds of mayonnaise, as a response to them mistakenly sending out 360 acceptance letters to people who hadn't actually been accepted.

Fox / GWR 

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