13 Major Construction Projects That Were Just Left To Rot

All that’s left of a supercollider in Texas is over 12 miles of unused tunnel.
13 Major Construction Projects That Were Just Left To Rot

Ah, the joys of construction. The thrill of a project coming together, the satisfaction of a job well done. But what happens when a project is left unfinished, abandoned and forgotten? It’s a sad sight, to be sure. But it’s also a fascinating one, and a reminder that nothing is ever certain.

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In this list, we’ll explore 13 of the world’s most enormous, unfinished construction projects. From a Viking settlement to a superconducting super collider in Texas, these projects were all left to rot for various reasons. Some were due to financial issues, others due to political interference. But all of them are a reminder of the fragility of our dreams and ambitions, we guess.

So join us on a journey through these 13 enormous, unfinished construction projects. It’s a journey of dreams deferred and money down the drain, but also a journey of hope and possibility. Who knows, maybe one day these projects will be completed and we’ll be able to marvel at their grandeur. Well ... hopefully.

Abandoned dreams of grandeur.

Abandoned constructions A Bulgarian dictator's mansion Near the Black Sea coast, there is an unfinished mansion that was meant to be the home of Bulgaria's last communist dictator, Todor Zhivkov. It's a huge building made of concrete and steel, with tons of wings and rooms. CRACKED

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