12 Iconic Roles We Absolutely Do Not Need Reprised

These roles are prime for a reboot. The actors are still kickin’. But no, please no.
12 Iconic Roles We Absolutely Do Not Need Reprised

We loved these characters… At the time! Do we really need to see them embark on another journey, or should we just go back and watch the tried, tested, and true originals? Great comedy movies aren’t like sitcom episodes! You can’t just think, “Oh, people seem to like this Lloyd Christmas character… Let’s see him doing his laundry! Now let’s see him wear a turkey on his head!”

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We all know that Hollywood is out for those box office dollars, and what better way than to latch onto an already successful character’s built in audience? Hey, maybe the actor was more than thrilled to revisit that fun character from decades past. Maybe the script was good, and everyone legitimately felt that fans would genuinely love a reprisal. This is the fine line that they sometimes fail to walk. The Zoolander 2’s and the Anchorman 2’s of the world. We don’t think they were out to ruin great characters, but it makes us a little protective of other favorites that have yet to be tarnished. So, Hollywood, here are 12 iconic movie roles that we absolutely do not need reprised.

Tom Cruise is obsessed with a Les Grossman spinoff.

CRACKED LES GROSSMAN Tom Cruise has talked to Ben Stiller and Mission: Impossible director Christopher McQarrie about a Grossman spinoff. It's unclear if it'd be a Grossman-centered plot, or a sequel with another cameo, but the original was plenty for us. Tropic Thunder

Screenrant / Marca 

Cher did get that Rakuten commercial reprisal. That was enough, right?

CRACKED CHER HOROWITZ On the surface, Clueless seemed like a complete joke, but it was a '90s time capsule that gave us now-common phrases like as if and my bad. The cast wants a reprisal, but '90s nostalgia has already been beaten to death lately. Clueless

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There’s a bit of a cult following who’d check it out.

CRACKED MARCUS & KEVIN COPELAND Marlon Wayans hated the makeup process, and said that he would do a sequel if they could do it digitally. A sequel has been in development for years but thankfully hasn't been produced... Yet. White Chicks Dud

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