13 Movies and TV Shows That Defy Categorization

Let’s not put a label on what we have!
13 Movies and TV Shows That Defy Categorization

These movies and tv shows are a lot like hesitant partners with serious commitment issues… They “don’t like labels.” Fine, Cheryl, then we’re through! Sorry, we were talking about genres weren’t we? That’s one area that we’re more than okay with some fluidity in the label. And we’re not just talking your basic, run of the mill romantic comedy here. Feel free to throw the “comedy” label on any action, horror, drama, sci-fi, or thriller movie if there’s some decent laughs in there. That’s all well and good, but we’re here for the singular pieces of work that incorporate so many genres, themes, and overall tones that it’d be damn near impossible to put them in a box.

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Pieces like these are rare, because they can be hard to follow, and the drastic tonal shifts can be jarring enough to reach for the remote. The story itself is going to have to be compelling enough to keep the audience along for the twists, turns, and feels. If not, it can just seem like a thrown together mess. You won’t find those messes here. These 13 stand alone movies and TV shows are some of the best genre-benders in the game, and we implore you to categorize them!

We can’t put a label on it, we just know the greasy feeling we get watching it.

CRACKED THE UNDEFINABLE SUCCESSION Technically a drama, but the zingers add up to sitcom status for sure, right? Those icky, sadistic jokes rival Todd Phillips' Joker, the constant scheming feels like a spy thriller, and one could compare it to the feuding rich to family on the '80s soap opera Dallas.



Whatever you’re doing in the shadows, it’s damn hard to define.

CRACKED THEUNDEFINABLE WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS The mockumentary about vampires in the modern world is like The Office or Curb meets the supernatural. There's a lot for horror and sci-fi fans, and episodes deal with local politics, romance, werewolf feuds, and much more.



Give it a chance, people!

THE UNDEFINABLE TWIN PEAKS David Lynch's '90s cult classic is a blend of a soap opera, mystery, and horror. It was inspired by (and parodies) daytime TV and police procedurals, but it's layered with the paranormal. CRACKED



Happy or tragic ending? You tell us!

THEUNDEFINABLEI THELMA & LOUISE This feminist road trip movie begins as a harmless romp, then switches gears to seriously examine sexual violence and misogyny. Then switches back to comically satisfying female revenge fantasies, and ends in tragedy (kinda). CRACKED



There hasn’t been or will ever be anything like ‘Parasite.’

CRACKED THE UNDEFINABLE PARASITE It's a commentary on the socioeconomic class divide, but there's deception and greed, and that dark secret in the basement transforms the black comedy into a thriller with frightening plot twists.

Barunson E&A

The Guardian

Even if you could define one episode, they’re already onto the next.

CRACKED THE UNDEFINABLE BLACK MIRROR Because it's a series of stand-alone stories, its genres include sci-fi, horror, suspense, dark/twisted comedy, and drama. Many stories involve dystopian futures that are clear commentaries on technology and social media.



Name one other movie like it… We’ll wait.

THEUNDEFINABLEI FIGHT CLUB It's an intriguing thriller, a character study, a social satire, and a dark comedy with serious laugh-out-loud moments. It has more bloody fist fights than ММА movies, and it has one of the biggest twists in film history. CRACKED

20th Century Studios


Yes, the voices are funny, but are they joking around? Nope.

THE UNDEFINABLE FARGO There are so many tones and genres within this one Coen Brothers film. It's a murder mystery with quirky humor, shockingly graphic violence, and social commentary. The accents alone make it a comedy, but the characters are dead serious. CRACKED

Gramercy Pictures, PolyGram Filmed Entertainment


Wait… Vampires? Is this the same movie?

CRACKED THE UNDEEMABLE FROM DUSK TILL DAWN It starts off as a gritty crime thriller, then jarringly morphs into a horrific blood spatter fest with vampires. It's basically two movies in one, and they're both hard to define. It sort of parodies both, too.

Miramax Films


It’s definitely its own beast.

THEUNDEFINABIA IN BRUGES It's a comedy, a drama, and a violent crime thriller with themes of guilt and redemption. The moods and tones shift very quickly from dark to quirkily clever, and it's kind of just a great buddy cop movie too. CRACKED

Focus Features, Universal Pictures


What are you, Barry?!

THE UNDEFINABLE BARRY ol It was introduced as a black comedy and drama, but an episode like Season 2's ronny/lily can go from martial arts action to surreal imagery to twisted comedy, so it always keeps us guessing. CRACKED



What kind of “beef” though? Funny beef? Thrilling beef? You tell us!

CRACKED TH EUNDEFINABLE BEEF Starring Ali Wong, it's easy to think this Netflix miniseries is a dark comedy, but it's action packed with car chases and guns. The revenge aspect could make it a thriller, and the interpersonal struggles have it applying for awards as a drama.



Of course it tackles mental health. The show itself is bipolar.

THEUNDEFINABLE BOJACK HORSEMAN It's animation with an in-depth depiction of mental issues and drug abuse. There's laugh out loud jokes, deeply depressing moments, Fear and Loathing-esque drug trips, and it's kind of satirizing all of that at the same time. CRACKED


Vogue India

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