Ah, the food and restaurant industries. It’s a wild and wonderful world full of delicious delights and crazy controversies. From glowing blue pork to "help me" messages in drinks, there’s never a dull moment in the food and restaurant industries ... unfortunately for everyone who’s a consumer of its products, which is just about everybody reading this.

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In this list, we’ll be exploring some of the most insane controversies that have ever occurred in these industries. From needles in fruit to 100% biodegradable bags that are louder than a gas lawnmower, you won’t believe what these companies have gotten up to ... or maybe you will, and you’ll simply sigh and come that bit closer to making peace with never knowing what exactly it is you’re about to it.

So, without further ado, let’s hold our nose, gird our loins, and dive into the absolutely bonkers controversies in the food and restaurant industries.

Coke: Not Refreshing.

FOOD CONTROVERSIES YOU RE R-WORD COCA-COLA'S FLASCO Соса-Соӏа had to say sorry to an Edmonton family in 2013 after they found a bottle cap with the words YOU RE Coca-Cola D. It was due to a contest where they printed one English word and one French word on bottle caps. CRACKED

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