12 World-Class Con Artists Who Could Sell A Shit Popsicle To A Lady In White Gloves

Somebody managed to get a Nigerian scammer to copy an entire Harry Potter book by hand.
12 World-Class Con Artists Who Could Sell A Shit Popsicle To A Lady In White Gloves

Ah, the age-old art of deception. From the days of the Trojan Horse to the modern-day con artist, trickery has been used to gain power, money, and fame. From the daring exploits of Aníbal Augusto Milhais to the more nefarious acts of Victor Lustig, these stories of trickery and deception are pretty sure to amaze and astound.

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In this collection, we've gathered some of the most fascinating stories of people who have been tricked into doing absolutely ridiculous, borderline-unbelievable things. From the incredible story of Frederic Bourdin, who managed to fool an entire town into thinking he was a missing 13-year-old boy, to the more recent case of David Deng, who tricked over 100 people into believing they were part of an elite U.S. special forces unit, these stories will leave you both shocked and inspired... well, maybe the former.

So, without further ado, let us take a look at some of the most remarkable stories of trickery and deception, from the deeds of Guy Gabaldon to the outrageous acts of Jean-Pierre Van Rossem. Enjoy.

Marxist-turned-fraudster makes millions.

CRACKED JEAN-PIERRE VAN ROSSEM Van Rossem, who said he was a Marxist, tricked people into investing in his Moneytron machine, which he claimed could predict the stock market. Nobody ever saw it but him, but that didn't seem to get in the way of his making money from it.

Jalopnik / Fi 

Heroic talker.

CRACKED GUY GABALDON Gabaldon, a Marine Private First Class, single-handedly talked over 1,000 Japanese soldiers into surrendering during the World War II fight for Saipan. Time and again, he'd go behind enemy lines and just get enemies to surrender.


Strip-searched... at McDonald's.

CRACKED M - UNKNOWN PRANK CALLER In 2004, an 18-year-old McDonald's worker was tricked into taking off her clothes while she was on the job. Somebody pretending to be a cop called her store manager and told them to strip-search the worker, and the manager obeyed.

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