15 Movies & Shows With Ridiculous On-Set Pranks

15 Movies & Shows With Ridiculous On-Set Pranks

Making a movie is an incomprehensibly long endeavor. Every scene, every cut, every line of dialogue has to be done a million times, leading to extensive working hours. It seems like every flick that comes out has an actor on a press tour say “I spent 8 hours a day in a makeup chair” or “we had to do hundreds of takes to get this scene right.” But while, say, some prop master is figuring out whether Brad Pitt should eat shrimp cocktail or M&Ms during a specific stakeout scene in an Oceans movie, the other actors have to be in their trailers, prepping for call time. Or thinking up clever pranks for the people they work with. You know, whichever is most professional. That's right, while some folks are doing the grueling work, others are right off-camera, giggling about how they're going to mess with them. And if you're thinking “huh, an Oceans 11 reference is pretty hyper-specific," well, we have some news about George Clooney and Brad Pitt…

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