Ah, the modern world. We are living in a time of unprecedented abundance... but also of unprecedented depletion. We take for granted the natural resources that sustain us, and yet the signs of their finite nature are all around us. From helium to sand and gravel, from chocolate to phone calls, from nuY2K to unhealthy diets, from phosphorus to farming, from bees to fish, from minerals to coffee, we are in danger of running out of the things that make our lives so comfortable and convenient. 

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This list is kind of a reminder of the fragility of our resources, and of the importance of using them wisely and sustainably. We really need to take action now, or risk running out of the very things that make our lives so enjoyable. So, let us take a moment to reflect on the resources we take for granted, and to consider the steps we can take to ensure their continued availability. If there are any, we guess.

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