Ah, the wonders of modern invention. From the lava lamp to... er... the Fleshlight, from the bulletproof vest to the electric chair, from the snow globe to the swivel chair, it's amazing to think of all the incredible things that have been created throughout history... sometimes, by the absolute last people we would ever expect to create anything like that. 

But few people know the stories behind some of these inventions. From the revolutionary thinker and, uh, swivel-chair inventor Thomas Jefferson to the widowed entrepreneur Josephine Garis Cochran, from the surrealist Hans Bellmer to the pizza delivery guy Richard Davis, these are the people who have changed the world with their inventions... even though they apparently had no business doing that, their work being in a totally different field. This list is a tribute to their creativity, their ingenuity, and their courage. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the stories of these amazing inventors.

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