13 TV Shows That Were Canceled After One Episode

The TV network equivalent of a one-night stand.
13 TV Shows That Were Canceled After One Episode

In the immortal words of several members of the Bluth family, “I’ve made a huge mistake.” That’s what we imagine these TV networks said directly after watching the first episode of these shows. From the initial pitch to possibly several meetings about demographics, budgets, and overall tone, they must’ve thought these would-be duds were going to be massive hits. Truth be told, there was one example of a green light without even seeing the pilot, so maybe there were a lot less meetings than we thought.

In the network equivalent to a one-night stand, some of these shows didn’t even wait until the next morning to grab their coat, claim they had an early morning at the office, and rush for the door. Heck, one of these shows pulled out halfway through the act. Okay, maybe that analogy was a bit much. And maybe that example doesn’t even count, since this list isn’t “Shows That Were Canceled Halfway Through Their First Episode.” That would be a very short list, since it's the only example we’ve ever stumbled upon. For that and 12 other one-and-dones, here are 13 tv shows that were canceled after one episode.

Hmm… So everything the Obournes touched in the 2000s didn’t turn to gold.

CANCE ED RIGHT AWAY OSBOURNES RELOADED On March 31, 2009, one episode of the Osbournes' variety show got such bad reviews that it was canceled right away. Local Fox stations aired it in early morning time slots, when it was actually a pretty raunchy show. CRACKED



A failed attempt at nepotism.

THE CANCELED RIGHT AWAY HASSELHOFFS This A&E reality series was an attempt to launch David Hasselhoff's daughters' music careers. They technically aired two episodes back-to-back, but the drop off in viewership after episode 1 was so steep that it was canceled before the night was over. CRACKED



2000s reality shows had a pretty loose definition of “stars.”

CANCELED RIGHT AWAY SECRET TALENTS OF THE STARS In 2008, this CBS reality talent show had celebrities compete by showing off their hidden talents. Its biggest stars were George Takei and singer M, and the extremely low ratings got it canceled after one episode. CRACKED



This show managed to pack every ’90s action trope into one (and only one) episode.

CANCELED RIGHT AWAY LAWLESS In 1997, former Seattle Seahawks linebacker Brian Bosworth played John Lawless (an ex-special forces officer solving cases in Miami) for one whole episode. Even the original Aunt Viv, Janet Hubert, couldn't help the cause. CRACKED

Columbia Pictures Television


Remember how the Nazis and Jews just “didn’t get along”?

CANCELED RIGHT AWAY HEIL HONEY I'M HOME! A British sitcom involving Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun not being able to get along with their Jewish neighbors aired one (1) episode, but everyone wondered how the highly offensive show ever aired at all. CRACKED

Hollywood Films

Screen Rant

Wait, the ever hilarious Heather Graham couldn’t carry a primetime sitcom?

CANCELED RIGHT AWAY EMILY'S REASONS WHY NOT ABC committed to a sitcom starring Heather Graham without even seeing its pilot. After the pilot aired, programming chief Steve McPherson said It's not going to get better, and immediately canceled it. CRACKED

Sony Pictures Television


This sexually suggestive title was actually about an adopted woman finding her real father.

CANCELED RIGHT AWAY WHO'S YOUR DADDY? WHO'S YOUR DADDY? In 2005, an adopted woman had to pick her biological father out of a lineup of men. If she picked right, she won cash; if she picked wrong, that man got the cash. The huge backlash from adoption agencies and adoptive parents had it canceled right away. CRACKED



Ohhh, “unleashed.” We get it now!

CANCELED RIGHT AWAY COMEDIANS UNLEASHED Not to be confused with Comics Unleashed, this was Animal Planet's attempt at a stand-up comedy show. Here's the kicker: It was only animal-themed jokes. They only aired one episode. CRACKED

Animal Planet


We get it Wahlberg, you’re from Boston. Good for you.

CANCELED RIGHT AWAY BREAKING BOSTON In 2014, Mark Wahlberg produced an A&E reality show about a group of young women working to change their lives in (you guessed it) Boston. It was canceled right away (although seven episodes were later dumped on Hulu). CRACKED

44 Blue Productions


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